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    How would you define an inactive or sedentary life ?

    How would you define an inactive or sedentary life ?

    For many people this means a life with very little or no exercise at all and a lot of sitting and lying down.

    Has our life style changed that much from the people of the past 100 years or so ?

    If so then what are we doing differently ?

    And how has our modern society effected our overall health ?

    We will consider these questions and much more as we examine different articles and opinions

    from a wide range of sources.

    Here at the PIHealth website we will cover as much material as we can find that’s relevant to your

    overall health.

    We would also like to get your feedback and personal experiences concerning your health and

    life experiences.

    We would like to know how anything you have tried has effected your life and health whether positively or

    negatively to share with and help our readers understand what has been working for some and what hasn’t.

    It is also important to note that not everyone s body reacts to or is effected in the same way to some vitamins or

    methods or other changes in ones diet or health routine as someone else, and so you may not get the same result as someone else.


    If you live a mostly physically inactive life.

    There are some very low impact exercises that have been tried with some success, however I need to

    stress again the importance of always checking with your doctor or primary care provider before trying

    anything new that could impact your health and always listen to your body.

    If anything you do causes any kind of pain or discomfort stop immediately and check with your doctor.

    If your limited in your time, space or mobility. Some people have tried muscle flexing ( we will discuss muscle flexing at a later time)

    no matter what you try as long as there are no negative effect’s consistency has usually been a key

    factor in any success in life.

    Stay tuned in and keep an eye out for future articles that will cover these subjects and more.



    I have some experience in the healthcare field but I am not a licensed healthcare provider, some members of my family are. Two generations of family had members who are or were licensed in healthcare. I spent about 3 years in healthcare working in various departments in a major northeast hospital. I started out in the nursing equipment department which was responsible for providing any hospital equipment that was needed to whatever floor needed it (and there were about 12 floors) equipment like IV stands and bottles, suction machines ect. I went from there to the escort dept which was responsible for tranporting patients from thier rooms to whatever dept they were scheduled for such as the lab, or operating room. From there I went right to the operating room as an orderly responsible for cleaning up the room after an operation, some of which I got to witness firsthand. Finally I was promoted to the pharmacy department as a pharmacy tech, responsible for assisting the licensed pharmacists on duty to fill all doctor prescriptions, mix IV medications and send them to the nursing stations so they could be administered to the patient by the medical staff. Thats where my interest and experience with healthcare began over 40 years ago.


    1. Tower Bridge Consultants LLC

      I like the premise of your site and definitely feel over the last 100 years many Americans are living a much more sedentary life. Working office jobs, remotely, and less travelling have really had an impact on the overall health of America.

      I am really looking forward to many more articles on your website and have bookmarked your site for future reference.

      – Jay S,

      • admin

        Thank you, Tower Bridge there is a lot more to come

    2. Sujandar Mahesan

      Before reading this article I had no clue of what exactly is an inactive or sedentary life. This article explained it very well about what exactly is an inactive or sedentary life and also a lot more about human body.

      It is a well written article and it was easy to understand. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

      • admin

        Thank you, Sujandar

    3. Agobr

      Hi there what is really affecting our health today is mostly due to neglect and overall climate change. In the past, the people of the old didn’t distroy the atmosphere like the way we do today. The atmosphere is polluted making the air that we breed unfavorable to the system. I for one fall sick when I walk in the sun for a long time without an umbrella. This is because the sun the reaches the ground surface now is too hard than before. You did a wonderful thing raising up this issue and I hope to learn more from you.

      • admin

        Thanks for the feedback Agobr, stay tuned as my site gains momentum and I’m able to put the time in, 

        you will  learn more

    4. Agobr

      Hi there you have raised some very good points there. Our inability to  properly address the eradication of sickness with all the technology is becoming a great thread to health. what is really affecting our health today is mostly due to neglect and overall climate change. In the past, the people of the old didn’t distroy the atmosphere like the way we do today. 

      • admin

        Your comments are very true but there is more to it than that as you will see with some up and coming articles that I’m waiting to add to my site as I continue to build it 

    5. charles39

      my understanding of inactive is you body is actully doing nothing. but after going through this blo i have found out heir more  to that i really know  and thenks to this blog i have new  i have new perspective of how  in our imactive bodies are and how to metigate that  but the thing  is wait  and follow your subsequent blog so that i can  learn more

      • admin

        Thank you Charles, for the comment, there will be plenty more to come, it will be slow because my time is

        limited right now but there are some things I’m working on


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