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    I have some experience in the healthcare field but I am not a licensed healthcare provider, some members of my family are. Two generations of family had members who are or were licensed in healthcare. I spent about 3 years in healthcare working in various departments in a major northeast hospital. I started out in the nursing equipment department which was responsible for providing any hospital equipment that was needed to whatever floor needed it (and there were about 12 floors) equipment like IV stands and bottles, suction machines ect. I went from there to the escort dept which was responsible for tranporting patients from thier rooms to whatever dept they were scheduled for such as the lab, or operating room. From there I went right to the operating room as an orderly responsible for cleaning up the room after an operation, some of which I got to witness firsthand. Finally I was promoted to the pharmacy department as a pharmacy tech, responsible for assisting the licensed pharmacists on duty to fill all doctor prescriptions, mix IV medications and send them to the nursing stations so they could be administered to the patient by the medical staff. Thats where my interest and experience with healthcare began over 40 years ago.


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