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    Title: Our health times past

    Title: Our health times past

    One question about our overall health that we attempt to delve into is,

    What type of lifestyle did people of times past have that effected their health ?

    To start out I would like to give one persons perspective whose childhood began

    just several decades ago from the baby boomer generation.

    I’m 62 years old and I remember television in its infancy when there was only about

    4 major networks broadcasting and TV viewing would end late at night with a test pattern.

    There were no color TV’s at that time and to get a good reception you had to make sure

    the rabbit ears on top of the set were adjusted properly,

    and speaking of rabbit ears bugs bunny was a very

    popular cartoon back then which I watched along with many other shows,

    but sitting in front of the TV was just a part of life for me back then, it wasn’t

    the most important part or even the main part.

    I remember a more creative and active part as well that involved plenty of imagination

    and ideas while playing with my toys and playing different board games.

    Playing outside was a regular activity that didn’t have to be coaxed or forced, one that I enjoyed

    very much and looked forward to.

    Trying to come up with some new adventure to embark upon each day was exciting.

    As I got a little older in my teens television was all but eliminated as an activity as I

    became more involved with outdoor activities and sports.

    I was a part of the street light generation who played outside until the street lights

    came on and that’s when you knew it was time to go home.

    There were no personal computers at that time and my only experience with electronics was using

    a calculator or playing the pinball machines at Maw Maw and Paw Paws hamburger joint.

    I spent some time there (they had the best hamburgers around) hanging out with friends,

    playing the jukebox and talking sports or whatever else came to mind.

    To be honest we were so physically active as kids ( at least the kids I was around)

    that I don’t remember seeing to many overweight kids back then, even the big kids

    didn’t seem to be terrible overweight.

    There are so many factors as some studies have shown that contribute to our health and

    weight that are out of our control, and that regular exercise by itself can’t correct

    or prevent and we will explore some of these factors in up and coming articles.



    I have some experience in the healthcare field but I am not a licensed healthcare provider, some members of my family are. Two generations of family had members who are or were licensed in healthcare. I spent about 3 years in healthcare working in various departments in a major northeast hospital. I started out in the nursing equipment department which was responsible for providing any hospital equipment that was needed to whatever floor needed it (and there were about 12 floors) equipment like IV stands and bottles, suction machines ect. I went from there to the escort dept which was responsible for tranporting patients from thier rooms to whatever dept they were scheduled for such as the lab, or operating room. From there I went right to the operating room as an orderly responsible for cleaning up the room after an operation, some of which I got to witness firsthand. Finally I was promoted to the pharmacy department as a pharmacy tech, responsible for assisting the licensed pharmacists on duty to fill all doctor prescriptions, mix IV medications and send them to the nursing stations so they could be administered to the patient by the medical staff. Thats where my interest and experience with healthcare began over 40 years ago.


    1. Michael Overzat

      how this article is laid out made the point perfectly. back in the day it was simple. now we got all this confusing shit pulling us in 100 different directions. and this article makes it simple and easy. that’s what drew me in. Simplicity is a great way to market nowadays. but if you are trying to make money off this, don’t do every post like this because it just look tacky 


      Precision Digital 

      • Anthony

        Thank you Michael, for your critique and perspective

    2. Clement

      Great post, thanks for sharing with us your childhood activities and involvement, it must have been a lot for fun back then, thou I belong to the recent generation where technology has made access to everything easy. I engage in outdoor activities and sports. What are those things you do back then in form of exercise? 

      • Anthony

        Well Clemente in the area where I grew up, our physical activity to me seemed limitless, we formed teams and played full contact and flag football, each neighborhood would get together a basketball team and we would compete with each other, we ran, we jumped, we climbed, we played out doors games that were unique like four squares, we build go carts and road bikes for miles. I could go on and on but then I would have to write a book.

    3. Dhayours

      I believe everything we do and everything around us has a part to play in our health structure. The way we carry out our daily activities affects our health very much. Some years ago, when I want to wake up in the morning, I just jump out of the bed but I learnt that’s not good, I was supposed to stay a little while before standing up. Little things like this affect our health. 

      • Anthony

        Your right Dhayours, sometimes the little improvements we make can yield big results.

    4. mzakapon

      Hi, This is an excellent post about our health times past factor. Now a days many people are spending time by watching TV, drinking alcohol, playing some in door games and spending time on smart phone and computer and thus lose their physical stamina and strength. Comparatively our old generation would spend time more on different physical activity, Playing outdoor games and racing competition. I still found my father, mother, grand father, grand mother are still so active than new generation because of their physical capability. So I have same opinion and agree with you that we must take proper concern to recover our future health problem for next generation.

      • Anthony

        Thank you very much mzakapon, for your insight and personal experience on the subject.

    5. Leo

      I appreciate your honest thoughts.

      This is so true. One of the key reasons why people are not healthy behind the wrong diet.

      They are physically inactive.

      The physical inactivity leads to problems like diabetes, heart disease or stroke.It could also lead to a lack of circulation in the legs resulting blood cloth forming in the veins.

      Exercise after sitting in an office chair may not necessarily undo all effects.

      It is discovered that subjects who sat for longer periods at a time have more health problems than subjects with shorter sitting spells.

      The best way to lengthen your life span is to move about you can.

      Have a nice day,


      • Anthony

        You are well informed Leo, everything you have mentioned I have found similar information

        and look forward to publishing it when my research on the subject continues.

        Thank you for your comments

    6. Luiz

      YES, I totally agree to most of the “comments” about life you mention here.

      “I remember a more creative and active part as well that involved plenty of imagination” – I see that in my daily life, people are just losing all their time, in front of Netflix, Tv, Phones, Games, and they just can’t focus to aim for better…

      I am trying myself to NOT multitask, to train myself and my brain to FOCUS in 1 subject at a time, I turned off all notifications in order to have a more healthy relationship with technology.

      Thanks for the post, i will keep following you, cheers.

      • Anthony

        Thanks Luiz, I appreciate the feedback


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